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Welcome to Our Ranch

Our ranch is located in Northeast Wyoming. We are primarily a cow/calf operation and pride ourselves on being good neighbors who work hard to produce high-quality beef.

We are continually innovating and improving our land and believe how you take care of your land will directly reflect in what you produce.

Our Black Angus cattle are all-natural, hormone, antibiotic, and steroid free. This wholesome Wyoming beef is something we are proud to share with you through our beef shares program. 


We pride ourselves on quality and want you to be able to trust the product you buy from us.  We combine good genetics, solid feeding programs, and hard work to make excellent beef.



  We love God, our family, our land, and our Country.

-Clemetson Family

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Ranch Beef


We raise wholesome Wyoming beef right here on our family ranch. It is tender and flavorful and your family will be able to enjoy it without worry. Ready to taste some for yourself? 

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